We create new value by fusing the traditions and technologies we have created.

by fusing the traditions and
technologies we have created.

We create new value

Technical innovation created by a

“Monozukuri” company 75 years of history

Technical innovation

A group of professional technicians who continue to challenge

“Monozukuri” Manufacturing

Professional technicians


We will accumulate achievements in multiple industries and machines to become the one and only.
Our "manufacturing and repair technology + proposal capabilities" realize "Create, Repair, and Breathe Life Into Things".

  • New Services

    New Services

    Founded in 1947 as a welding and machining company for automotive parts, in 1970 we began repairing and manufacturing ground support equipment (GSE) for airlines, and have since expanded our business to include the repairing and manufacturing of large construction equipment and marine equipment, as well as plant equipment maintenance. In recent years, we have been working with space industry companies to manufacture space-related products, and based on our 75-year history, we will continue to change with the times.

  • Accumulated Technology

    Accumulated Technology

    Our technologies for "design/manufacture/repair" in a wide range of areas, including aircraft maintenance equipment, engines, and plants, have been accumulated since our founding, and our technological capabilities are still demonstrated today in the " multiple-product, one-of-a-kind manufacturing era. We are the only Japanese company to be certified as a partner of several overseas aircraft-related manufacturers, and our technological capabilities are highly regarded both in Japan and overseas.

  • Broad Customer Base

    Broad Customer Base

    We specialize in integrated production from "design to manufacture" and have business relationships with customers in various industries, including manufacturers such as airlines, space industry, heavy industry, steel mills, shipyards, and raw material plants, as well as the Ministry of Defense. By working on many products to solve our customers' problems, we further improve our technical capabilities and contribute to them as a trusted supporter.

Horiguchi Engineering's trinity of business "Manufacturing / Repair and Reconditioning / Plant Maintenance" is,
We create total services through the overlapping of manufacturing technologies.We promise to be of service to you
with our "Monozukuri DNA" cultivated in our factories.

Narita factory Monozukuri DNA
  • Manufacturing


    We design, develop, and manufacture ground support equipment (GSE) for defense, heavy industry, aviation, and space-related companies. Through licensing contracts with overseas technology manufacturers, we also manufacture products and perform modification, assembly, and adjustment work to Japanese specifications. We also design, develop, and manufacture hydraulic, electrical, and other power-driven ground support equipment.

  • Maintenance & Repair

    Maintenance & Repair

    Our specialty is "repair of equipment without drawings." We have the know-how to fully understand the use of the repaired product, pursue the cause, and make the appropriate repair.We are also able to perform on-site work such as machining, welding, assembly, and product sketching, which enables us to repair and recondition large products that are difficult to transport or have a short construction period and no time to bring them to our factory.

  • Plant Maintenance


    With our track record of handling products from a wide variety of manufacturers, we are able to make proposals for maintenance and refurbishment that transcend the boundaries of the manufacturer. We have many examples of construction projects that have reduced maintenance and running costs through "corrosion and wear resistant" surface modification. We can also undertake comprehensive services such as on-site demounting, maintenance, and on-site inspections for test runs.

Company Profile

Our corporate slogan, "Create, Repair, Breathe Life into Products," means that every job we undertake, whether manufacturing or repairing, is about breathing new life into products.This very basic idea is the axis that supports Horiguchi Engineering's corporate philosophy and is engraved in our hearts and minds.

Company Profile

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We are looking for people who can realize their dreams with passion, who value their values and hobbies in their personal lives as well as communication skills, a challenging spirit, and a pioneering spirit in each of our employees. Click here for information on new graduates and mid-career recruitment.

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